As all of you may have noticed, I’m fond of using a plain wall as backdrop for my subjects simply because I consider it neutral, simple and yet somehow edgy compared to using a seamless background.  Also its better to create shadows on a plain wall because its much more realistic and dramatic especially when you’re using only one light source. Positioning models against a wall is also much more easier since they can lean against it and do lots of variations with their poses.

Adding elements to your composition such as a wall socket, a light switch, etc. is something I’ve picked up from browsing through Magazines and I somehow thought that it adds a bit of interest in the background.  Just make sure to level your horizon in-camera so that it doesn’t look weird on the finished product

Photographer: Sam Lim | Model: Jomie Naynes | HMUA/Styling: Rory Gonzaga | Direction/Styling: Kriska Santos

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