I’ve already sold my Nikon D90 Body along with its battery grip.  So what’s next? Why of course the lenses!!! I’ll start with my 3rd Digital Love.  The Bad Ass Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 Pro Lens.  This lens is my go to lens for almost every project I do.  My all around lens whether I shoot food, portraits, sports, weddings etc. its just so damn sharp and fast! You just can’t beat it! I always say, “It’s as sharp as my primes!” and I’m not just exaggerating, its true!

I just spent P6,500 ($152) for lens cleaning and rubber repair last Feb 2012 on this lens.  Haven’t thought of selling it during that time so I was a bit all out.  If only I have a full frame Nikon body, I would definitely have no intentions of selling it.

So let’s talk about the lens:

Glass: Super Clean! No signs of scratches. UV filter stayed with this lens probably 95% of the time.  The only time that I remove it is when I’m cleaning it or when I’m doing studio work.

Body: Some really minor scratches from daily use. Not even noticeable.  I’m just telling the truth.

Issues: NONE! No back focusing issues or whatsoever.  It’s as good as new! Produces razor sharp outputs and all that shit.

How Much?

I’m selling the lens for only P55,000 ($1,282).  It’s much more affordable than what you’ll see on ebay, unless you all want to do some sort of bidding? But forget about that. Too much work! I just want to sell it as fast as possible because I feel depressed not being able to use it.

Inclusion: box, lens bag, hood

If you’re interested, just CONTACT ME!

*****SOLD AS OF APRIL 3, 2012*****

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