sonotyourordinarygirl-deactivat asked:

Hello sir! I want to learn how to be a good photographer. However, I'm confused of what camera to buy to start with. I don't know what camera would be the best choice for beginners like me. I've read reviews but it makes me feel that everything is too techie for me. Can you give me advice on what camera to pick? By the way, i love you blog, really inspiring! :)

Sam Lim Photography Answer:

Thanks for appreciating my work. :)

There’s no easy answer to your question.  But my advice is to buy what you can afford.  It doesn’t matter what camera you use for your photography, whether it be a point and shoot, an entry level dslr or the top of the line high end dslr.  All that matters is you being comfortable with your camera.  As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re using and you have your imagination to back it up, the possibilities of producing really good images are endless!


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