jaysticks asked:

Hello, I started following your blog a few months ago. I think the photos are fantastic. I am studying photography and wanted to know what type of education you received before being a photojournalist? I currently live in New York City and photograph cityscape, cars and graffiti. I hope you are having a great day. -Jason

Sam Lim Photography Answer:

Thanks! I really don’t have any formal trainings or some sort. I’m a self taught photographer and I mostly learned the things I know thru trial and error. I’ve attended a few workshops as well. Some I learned from reading books and browsing the internet.  I’ve also learned a lot by watching video workshops and video tutorials in youtube. Everything is free nowadays so I use all the resources I have. I still would love to go to school to learn photography the formal way but that would require a lot of money which I don’t have and also I practically don’t have enough time to do so. 


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