Sam Lim Portfolio

My Online Portfolio is now up and running!!! Hope you can guys can visit my site! :)

What do you think?

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  1. michellesutton answered: your portfolio was amazing.
  2. i-am-a-morphine answered: it’s awesome sam! :) i fancy it so much! :) xx
  3. oddcreates answered: ang linis! bili ka ng domain mo gaya ng, para mas formal yung URL. bagnet!?
  4. aperture24 answered: easy navigation. great work :-)
  5. deshaunicus answered: Easy to navigate! I really like that about it. And you already know I like your work.
  6. unaphotographer answered: Great works, your food frames are really nice! I also like the portraits of the chef cooks, captured that ‘chef-cook vibe’ perfectly.
  7. rennellsalumbre answered: awesome ‘folio, sir! :) hands down! :D
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