Baguio Trip with Family

As for my previous blog post, brought my x100 with me during our trip to Baguio last month to take pictures of me and my family. It was Tala’s first time in Baguio City and a definite must to document it.  The coldest city in the Philippines wasn’t the coldest last month due to the summer season and the number of people that crowded the place because of the holidays.  But at least it wasn’t 37 degrees Celsius like in Manila.  The breeze of fresh air and the smell of pine trees, the taste of local vegetables and the sweetness of strawberries (sorry I don’t have food photos, I was busy eating), 8 hours of travel time was definitely worth it.

baguio trip fuji x100 vsco film lifestyle Travel Photography family

The night market and the “ukay ukay” was still a fad in the city.  People rush to buy second hand stuff hoping to find some good buy.  I was about to try some street food but it was 10pm and I was really tired of all the walking and sight seeing we did earlier so I opted to just take pictures and called it a day.

The next morning, after going the church we went to Camp John Hay for Lunch and there were a lot of new establishments in the place so we didn’t had a hard time looking for a place to eat. After eating, more strolling.

baguio trip fuji x100 vsco film lifestyle Travel Photography family

Walking the Streets of Baguio City

This was my third time in Baguio City and during my first two visits, I wasn’t able to bring a decent camera with me. This time, it was different.  I was travelling with my family and in-laws so I brought my X100 with me to make sure I take pictures of them during the trip.  On the side, I also tried documenting the things I see on the streets the way I picture them in my head.

Come! Take a peek…

(by Sam Lim)

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So you’ve all seen my wife’s maternity shoot but came September 14, 2012 at exactly 4:08pm in UST Hospital… a “Star” was born!

I would like you all to meet our 7.1lbs precious princess… Tala Isabelle Santos Lim.

Does her name have a meaning?

Tala" which literally means "Star" in Filipino and is also the name of the Goddess of Stars in Tagalog Mythology.

"Isabelle" which means "My God is a Vow" in Hebrew.

So why Isabelle and not Isabel?

Isabelle is the French version of Isabel, and incorporates the word ‘belle’ - French for beautiful. That’s why!

I guess I really have to buy a new hard drive dedicated for Tala to sustain the amount of photos I’ll be taking of her.  Oh, by the way, I always mentioned that I’m constantly looking for inspiration in what I do and I’m happy to say I found one.

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A night walk down the park for some fresh air, a little bit of exercise along with my fuji x100.  These are photo ramblings.. Its kind of like talking to yourself without you even noticing but this time while shooting.  A part of my brain tells me that photos aren’t suppose to be perfect.  Its like letting go of rules and just taking pictures. Nothing more. 

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