Walking the Streets of Baguio City

This was my third time in Baguio City and during my first two visits, I wasn’t able to bring a decent camera with me. This time, it was different.  I was travelling with my family and in-laws so I brought my X100 with me to make sure I take pictures of them during the trip.  On the side, I also tried documenting the things I see on the streets the way I picture them in my head.

Come! Take a peek…

(by Sam Lim)

street photography Black and White black and white photography baguio city film vsco fuji x100 fujifilm finepix x100


A night walk down the park for some fresh air, a little bit of exercise along with my fuji x100.  These are photo ramblings.. Its kind of like talking to yourself without you even noticing but this time while shooting.  A part of my brain tells me that photos aren’t suppose to be perfect.  Its like letting go of rules and just taking pictures. Nothing more. 

Street Photography art artwork artistic fujifilm finepix x100 fuji x100 Black and White black and white photography vsco

Fuji X100

Since I’ll be starting work on Friday and it’s going to be a long commute from home to my workplace, I’m thinking about getting a second camera I can carry along with me every day which is not going to be bulky and heavy.  Something I can use to shoot everyday stuff and a lot of street photography.

Announced at the Photokina 2010  along with some new other cameras and lenses was the Fujifilm FinePix X100.  A compact retro style camera with an analogue look and feel that has an SLR-size APS-C Sensor.  Enough said, it’s a camera to die for!

I’ve been wanting to buy this bad boy since the announcement day but they said it wouldn’t be available here in the Philippines.  But,… Lately, I was made aware that it’s selling like pancakes in Hidalgo for P62k (limited stocks) and I was like f*ck! I should have saved money so I can buy this baby!

I guess I can start saving now and hopefully it will still be available by the time I have enough cash to buy it.  I may think about selling some old stuff though,… and again, hopefully not!

fuji x100 fujifilm finepix x100 digital rangefinder