CD Droplets

Photos by: Sam Lim

In my quest to retain some of my creativeness, if there’s any left, I tried photographing water droplets on a CD this morning in the studio hoping to get some few good shots.  I also wanted to try my new macro extension tubes and see what it’s capable of.  The macro tubes I have are manual (the cheap version from China).  I used my 50mm 1.8 lens focused to infinity then manually went in and out my subject to get the proper focus.  For lighting, I used a bare off-camera speedlight and positioned it around the cd to get my desired lighting.  I also used my mobile phone LED light on flashlight mode to get those colors pop out (that was actually the hardest part).  

After shooting, I went to lightroom and boosted the colors and added contrast. That’s it! I guess all my efforts were justified by the outputs. I’m really happy with the results!

art artwork macro photography macro